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Welcome to RiZON eSolutions Value Aero & eBusiness Solutions

RiZON is an eBusiness Solutions & Consulting firm specializing in providing cost effective, state of the art eSolutions and Consultancy to clients located across GCC, Egypt and North Africa, India and South East Asia Regions. In early 2013 Captain Ibrahim A. ALHAMER, one of the pioneers in the aviation industry in the Gulf Region, decided to conjoin his knowledge and rich experience with his long term colleagues and partners from different fields such as Aviation management, Real estate, Property management, Flight safety, Security and Quality, under a new firm called RiZON with the objective of providing cost effective, multifaceted, advanced and dynamic solutions and consultation services. RiZON offers:

  • Airlines flight operation systems
  • Aviation management
  • Flight safety, documentation, security and quality
  • Property Management Solutions
  • Sourcing, negotiating, leasing and delivery of new and used aircrafts

Our professional team, comprises of leading industry Consultants from a variety of backgrounds, with a proven track records of building and refining customized Systems and solutions.

We believe in "winning together" while providing our specialized services to our esteemed clients.

Key personnel:


Our integrated web based Systems are designed to meet the regulatory requirements enforced by EASA, FAA, and other Regulatory Authorities worldwide, in addition to individual Operators’ established soft rules. These systems are clustered individually and integrated in total within their own related suites of solutions, through a common Security System. This allows for enhanced efficiency and secured functionalities. Furthermore each system can work on its own with total functionalities by virtue of using distributed databases. In summary, the following diagram illustrates the common dashboard to access these various inter-related systems in one sign on.

Crewing & Ops Management System (COMS)

COMS is a web-based, state-of-the-art, user-friendly integrated corporate resources and flight operations management system, for network scheduling, aircraft crew pairing, crew rostering, crew tracking and ground operations. It is a single stop shop for flight operations which is designed to meet the regulatory requirements imposed by EASA, FAA, other regulatory authorities and operators’ soft rules, through the management of rules and procedures from the very beginning till the end. COMS provides the means to monitor, track and update all aircraft scheduling, crew resources, crew qualification and various operational matters that are imperative to keeping flight operations compliant with all safety and regulatory requirements. COMS provides the planning tool to prepare budget, track cost, forecast revenue and reconcile account, in addition to highlighting the financial health of the business through an Executive dashboard. It also offers multiple modules under a single suite through common System Security, which allows for efficient handling of various flight operations phases, for any airline environment regardless of the size and business model. These modules are:

  • Executive Dash board
  • Network Scheduling
  • Manpower Planning & Establishment
  • Crew auto and/or manual Pairing, Rostering and Tracking
  • IOCC / Ground Operations
The main features, per module, catered to support any scheduling, crewing and ground operations are:
  • Executive Dash board module measures and demonstrates progress with important KPIs.
  • Network Scheduling module enables network schedule management and schedule exchanges with third party products.
  • Crew Pairing, Rostering and Tracking module generates auto and/or manual rosters in full compliance with controlling regulations and company requirements. It incorporates manpower planning to generate cost effective solutions.
  • IOCC / Ground Operations module tracks aircraft movement and monitor OTP on real time basis.
  • Finance/Executive Dashboard module provides planning tool to prepare budget, track cost, forecast revenue and reconcile account. Executive dashboard provides financial health of business with graphical presentation.

Main functions of COMS
  • Produces schedules in a click of a button
  • Monitors flight status
  • Creates flight blocks
  • Manages crew agendas
  • Produces crew data information
  • Design, implement and monitor Aircraft rotation
  • Abides with legalities for crew members
  • Landing and takeoff time log
  • Track Visas, medical checks and training timings
  • Monitors Fuel consumption and uplift
  • And much more …

For more details, please contact us on sales@alhamerholding.com

Human Resources Operations & Payroll Enhanced System (HOPES)

HOPES is highly regarded for its extensive features encompassing manpower information & processing, financial parameters and administration. The application encompasses extensive Tax and Training modules required for everyday use. HOPES is an employee-centric software that provides immense and wide variety of features in the areas of Personnel Management and Payroll as well as time & labor services, all integrated into one smart administrative system. It increases the efficiency within the organization by properly handling HR processes for salaried employees from their date of joining through retirement. HOPES offers multiple modules to handle different stages of the employment lifecycle, which are listed below:

Core Human Resources and Payroll Core HR and Payroll module efficiently manages personal and employment data, tracks time and labor information, along with public holidays, leave and overtime.
  • Time and attendance
  • Public Holiday entry and history
  • Leave and absenteeism
  • Manpower planning
  • Tax calculations and deductions (optional)
Batches Entry and Data Upload

Batches Entry and Data Upload module enables data upload from third party software on a regular basis and in bulk

  • Monthly processes
Reports Modules

Reporting module provides insights around employee trends and behaviours

  • Audit trail
  • Disciplinary details
  • Employee and employer contribution
Security and Access Control

Security and Access Control module grants access right that differ by user group

  • Maintenance of table and parameters by the Security Administrator
Training Modules

Training module ensures accurate usage and empowers manager and employee self-service

  • Planning and organizing training needs analysis and implementation
  • Generating notifications and keeping records by cost and type
  • Providing competency based appraisals and locating best fit to fill job openings
Employees and Manager Self-Services

Employees and Manager Self-Services module allows employees and managers to access their profile, retrieve information and make updates as required.

  • Handling various administrative requests
  • Confirmations through letter generation
  • Customization of other requirements
Main Features
  • Time Management
  • Recruitment & Training Management
  • Talent scouting
  • Employee Database
  • Roll back pay slips
  • Produce general reports
  • Set parameters such as public holidays, duty hours and assignment days
  • Multilingual program which abides to the laws of the Operators country.

For more details, please contact us on sales@alhamerholding.com
Technical Access Management System (TAMS)

TAMS is a state-of-the-art web-based user-friendly Engineering and Maintenance Planning and Tracking software designed and supported by our sister company Aero ProSys Private limited in Kochi- India. TAMS is designed to meet the regulatory requirements (EASA, FAA, and others) for Continued Airworthiness Management of all types of airlines Operations regardless of the fleet size. The system provides the means to monitor track and update all engineering and maintenance operations required to keep the fleet in an airworthy and safe condition.

  • Aircraft Flying/Cycle Hours
  • Aircraft Definition
  • Maintenance Program
  • Modifications
  • Reliability monitoring
  • Inventory Management and Control

  • Customer focused
  • Hands-on experience
  • Excellent training & consultancy tool
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Improve process
  • Reduce costs
  • Exact services with the specific aims of fulfilling all of your aviation safety requirements

For more details, please contact us on sales@alhamerholding.com
Flight Safety Integrated Documentation System (SIDS)

SIDS is a web-based, user-friendly flight safety documentation system designed and supported by RiZON to meet the Airline Industry’s dynamic and pressing needs. It is fully compliant with existing and planned regulatory requirements, including the ISO 9001:2015, requirements for documentation, ICAO Annex 19, IOSA ISM Ed.8 and the various National Aviation Authorities and engineering documentation requirements. SIDS is accessible from mobile devices and is compatible with IE, Chrome, and Firefox. It has flexible hosting options and does not require local installation. SIDS is a unique solution that combines four different processes:

  • Creation of internal documentation
  • Importing of external documentation
  • Management of company documentation
  • Creation, storage and retrieval of Records

The basic tasks performed by SIDS, to support the business needs, are:

  • Organization of data (per its time sensitivity)
  • Validation of data
  • Quick deployment for end-users
  • Consistency of data used throughout the organization
  • Standardization of all documentation
  • Amending both internal and external documentation
  • Automated processes for the development of new documentation
  • Pre-defined or tailored review of existing documentation
  • Unified communication of documentation
For more details, please contact us using sales@alhamerholding.com
Property Integrated & Tracking Application (PITA)

PITA is a sophisticated building management system for both commercial and residential properties, including maintenance, service contracts, inventory and rental management, all through a single portal. It replaces old-fashioned, legacy methods of property management, which is both cumbersome and inefficient. BIMA places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the operator's fingertips. All information can be viewed online, printed in a large variety of reports or shown in graphs. The system optimizes lifecycle of assets, tracks and manages maintenance costs, streamlines labor efforts, and performs other crucial tasks for meeting the full potential of maintenance and facility management. The software is offered through a web-based or on-premise deployment; running inside the user’s internet browser and is Tab, and PC compatible.

  • Multi property management
  • Insight of cash in/out flow
  • Tenants history and assets overview
  • Rent collection status
  • Rental expenses details
  • Visualization of property occupancy details
  • Alerts on collection and payments
  • Financial reports

  • Task assignments based on skills and their tracking
  • Vendor contracts management and efficiency tracking
  • Movement tracking of inventory
  • Cheque payment tracking
  • Tracking of rental due
  • Maintenance task
  • Services tracking
  • Facility management
  • Inventory of appliances
  • Online helpdesk tickets
  • SMS alerts and emails
  • Complaints tracking
  • Overview of task assignments

For more details, please contact us on sales@alhamerholding.com


We offer extensive dynamic Integrated Airline Systems to our clients by utilizing our on line practical expertise in the Airline industry to develop and enhance these systems through tie ups with well known IT parks in Australia, India and USA.


As part of the integration with our Airline Systems, the following solutions are embedded and are integrated to support and improve further the efficiency of flight operations. It covers areas such as commercial, dispatch reliability, human resources and finance:

  • Safety Briefing & Reporting System (SaBRe)
  • Sales Tracking and Monitoring System (STraM)
  • Route Costing System (RoCS)
  • Dynamic Airline Reservation Systems (DARS) with GDS connectivity [under development for release in third Quarter 2016].
Development, Communications & Web Solutions
  • Customized Software Development
  • Network Design
  • Database Management
  • Data Exchange/Communication
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Web designs and Solutions


Starting an Airline is a challenging task, which requires developing a carefully and thoughtful business plan. For an Airline to become one of the industry leaders, it requires a process with constant learning, adaptation, vast resources, proficiency and efficiency. Running a profitable Airline is more challenging. With all these elements in mind, we can assist entrepreneurs in launching new airlines. From concept through launch guidance, review, data collection and analysis, resource locations and allocations, contacts, and referrals to qualified start-up personnel.

We Develop Business Plans


has an overall economic impact far in excess of the turnover, since the network of air transport services facilitates growth in output and employment, international trade and investment, tourism, and living standards. Air travel is a vital artery that reinforces the process of globalization, allowing it to transform the way in which many other industries carry out their business.

In this cutthroat competitive world, only those companies who keep a strict eye on demanding forces, customers and competitors; political and technological changes, can survive.

Aviation requires lot of consideration to make available before commencing the business. With our expertise, we provide comprehensive business plans suitable to any market constraints while addressing all relevant business requirements, growth and long term profitability of the business venture.

Airline Start-ups

A successful Airline start-up depends on drawing an extensive, thoughtful and realistic business plan, which will set the base for a successful Airline's launch and profitability. We draw on our experience of four airline start-ups, to provide focused analysis and results-oriented decision support.

ur core team has management expertise in strategy, operations, commercial, finance, engineering and maintenance. We can advise on planning an Airline start-up by fleet acquisition, recruitment, pilot training, IT infrastructure, Systems selection and installation, etc..or as full turnkey project. We are best at controlling cost for all expenses to obtain the best value for money results, while providing healthy network for long term growth.

  • Feasibility studies through a tie ups with well-known aviation experts
  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Setting up new airlines
  • Sourcing of new and second hand aircraft for all types
  • Documentation for Aviation Operating Licenses
  • Negotiation with aircraft leasing and manufacturing leading companies for better deals in terms of price, incentives and deliveries.
  • Airlines Quality Management System implementation
  • Auditing - Safety, Quality and Management audits
  • Performing Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Aviation advisory services
  • Preparation of operational manuals
  • Data base of Aviation professionals
  • Recruitment of experienced airline staff
  • Feasibility study of new routes
  • Guidance for route planning and traffic rights
  • Guidance for efficient MIS reporting system
  • Rendering assistance for setting up General Sales Agents (GSAs)
  • Preparation of commercial agreements with sales partners and aircraft lease agreements
  • On line consultancy services

Our Services

Sleek user-interface providing you ease of use around the softwares. Deal with your difficult and complex tasks in a click.
Exploit multiple options presented to you. Offering you dedicated support and continuous updates..

Aircraft Sourcing and Placements

Through our International Associates, our inventory covers extensive brand new and semi new commercial and VVIP/VIP configured aircraft to suit all kinds of needs. Our services include negotiating and defining aircraft systems and interior fitment.

Professional placements

Our Head hunting team has an extensive aviation experience and can confidently provide the leadership necessary to manage all aspects of exacting staffing efforts.

Our in- depth knowledge of the regulations, standards, technologies and economics, which influence the aviation industry, enable us to provide the most talented professionals who integrate seamlessly into an organization.

We expedite our client's search without sacrificing quality, and take pride in the professional services we provide to our clients.

Legal Advise

Through the coordination with our International legal network in the Gulf Region, Europe and USA, we are able to advice on all aspects of aviation law, with in-depth knowledge of aviation technology, operational and commercial issues.

Areas of legal specialization include:

  • Lease compliance - legislative requirements
  • International aviation treaties.
  • Litigation issues, including employment law, contractual agreements and Air Service Agreements pertaining to traffic rights.
  • Sale and acquisition of aircraft
  • Compliance issues and mandatory agreements with aircraft manufactures

Our team and network have worked in legal department of major airlines, which have enabled them to gain in-depth experience in litigation, airport operations, service agreements as well as flight operations, fleet acquisition and management.


Safety Audit & Compliance Assessment

  • Assisting in closing findings from third party audits performed within the organization.
  • Preparation of technical audit report with recommendations for corrective and preventive actions leading to continuous improvement.
  • Provide technical training to the project team.
  • Provide Safety Management System (SMS) training.
  • Preparation of the SMS implementation program for organizations (Airlines and MROs).
  • Ensure internal quality audits in operations, production and design, as per the quality system requirements.
  • Ensure quality in operations in various levels.
  • Developing audit plans in line with Client Quality Management System.

Our Partners

RiZON, our partners make great experiences possible by offering our products, consulting expertise and the products of our technology partners

Partnering with RiZON
www.vanguard.bh Vanguard, Manama-Bahrain 
www.clarity.lk Clarity - Sri Lanka
www.gulfaeronautics-usa.com Gulf Aeronautics - USA
www.star-navigation.com Star Navigation

AlMasria Universal Airlines, Cairo – Egypt
SaudiGulf Airlines, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Al Anwa Investment Company, Aviation Division, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Mena Aerospace, Bahrain International Airport – Bahrain
Red Wheels, Manama – Bahrain Red Finishing, Bahrain Investment Wharf - Bahrain
Al Ayam Newspaper

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